Main Details

At the very top of the Media Editor you will find a number of buttons that perform different functions within the Media Editor.

Icon Description
Folder Icon Open the file browser to select a new piece of audio to import into PlayoutONE
Pencil Icon Open up the Audio Editor for editing the audio of the current item
Arrows Cycles to the next or previous item in the Media Finder
Cog Opens up the Media Editor's settings window where various settings may be altered.

In the top pane of the Media Editor you'll find the main Media Details. These details stay within view regardless of which tab you change to below.

Property Decription
UID UID stands for Unique Identifier. Every media item within PlayoutONE must have a UID. The UID can comprise of alphanumeric characters and be up to 10 characters in length. To automatically set a UID click the refresh button on the UID text box. Left clicking will provide you with the last available UID in the database, right clicking will provide you with the first available UID within the database. 
Title The title of the media item
Artist The artist of the media item
Type The type the media item belongs to. Every media item must have a type set. You won't be able to add a new item to the database without setting a type. For type specific settings please see the Type Manager
Fade If turned on, PlayoutONE will fade the audio item at the Extro point based on the fade settings.
Oversweep When enabled, should the item that directly follows in the log have an intro marker, then PlayoutONE will play the item marked as an Oversweep over the intro automatically.
Year The year field is displayed in the log.

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