Connecting to Advantech GPIO

Data Controller can set and read GPIOs from Advantech devices.

🔌 Responding to GPIO

In the Command Matrix, build the command using the Advantech command builder. Just select the GPI you wish to respond to and which state (on or off). 

Please note that GPI 1 is not necessarily Pin1 on the card. In the following PIN assignment diagram, you'll notice that pin 1 is GPI(IDI) 0, pin 6 is GPI(IDI) 10 etc. Please refer to the specific pin diagram for your Advantech card.

GPI 1 does not always equate to pin 1 on your Advantech device.

🎚️ Sending a GPIO

In PlayoutONE you need to create a predefined command. The command structure is:


'ID' is the Data Controller ID of the device you want to control.

Using the example pin diagram shown above, to turn PIN 36 on we would want to set IDI13 using:

  • ADVANTECH_5 13.ON 

Time is only required as part of a command when using the Pulse state. Enter the number of milliseconds you want to pulse the specified GPIO.

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