Creating PlayoutONE Commands In Music Master


To create PlayoutONE Commands in Music Master, you need to insert a Log Note into your Music Master clocks. You can then type any PlayoutONE command into the Log Note. E.G.

  • Automation ON 
  • Softmarker 59:00 
  • HitMarker 59:59
  • RunToTime
  • For a full list of PlayoutONE Commands see this article

You can also specify a PlayoutONE Friendly command instead. So if you've build a complex command in PlayoutONE, just reference the friendly name instead. 


To show a NOTE in the PlayoutONE log add a Log Note into the Music Master clock and prefix the text with NOTE: E.G. 

  • NOTE: Voice Track Here
  • NOTE: Segment 1
  • NOTE: Drop Song

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