TCP Client

To enable a TCP Client within Data Controller so that PlayoutONE can send and receive commands via TCP to other applications.

  1. Click the Settings button from the top bar of Data Controller.
  2. Go To the Integrations Tab
  3. Click Add Button
  4. Choose TCP Client from the Service drop-down menu
  5. Fill in relevant IP And Port details

External applications can then send any command to Data Controller by sending a command via the TCP port.

IP The IP Address of the TCP Client Data Controller needs to connect with.
Port The Port

To send a command via this integration, in PlayoutONE, start the command with TCPClient_X COMMAND.
X denotes the integration ID in Data Controller
Command denotes the command to be sent to the TCP Client.

Please note there is a space between TCPCLIENT_X and the COMMAND

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