Working with multiple sites and sharing content

If your organisation has multiple stations that are using Aiir, you may be given access to more than one site.

If so, you'll see a small box in the bottom right corner showing the name of the site you're currently working with. Hover your cursor over the box and you'll see a list of other sites you can switch to. 

On mobile devices, this menu is located on the top blue bar instead, indicated by two arrows.

Tips for using the site switcher quickly:

  • Tap the S key at any time to bring the site switcher up
  • Hide it by tapping the Esc key
  • Your cursor is placed in the search box automatically so you can start typing straight away
  • Use the arrow keys to navigate up and down the list and Enter to select the highlighted site

In one web browser, you can only work on one site at a time, even if multiple Aiir tabs are open. 

If you switch sites while having more than one tab open, you may be alerted in another tab that you can no longer save your work.

Gaining access to another site

You must contact an administrator to add access to another site to your account. They can access the Admin section to update your account.

Need access to a site in another organisation? Learn more about how to do this.

Sharing content

With multiple sites in an organisation, you can share content amongst sites, like:

  • Ad campaigns
  • Blogs
  • Music Playlists
  • Programmes
  • Pages in Page Manager, and things embedded in them like Forms and Sectionals
  • Photo Albums
  • Podcasts
  • Social Accounts
The Share page with sites control
Look for this button, it lets you share the content with other sites in your organisation.

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