Setting Up Rotate Carts

Rotate carts are available in PlayoutONE Pro only and allow you to embed a number of child carts within a parent cart. 

This becomes useful if you wish to schedule just 1 cart in your Music Scheduling software for a weather bulletin but have PlayoutONE play a different cart depending on the time. For example, we may have 5 weather carts within the Weather Rotate that play out at Breakfast, Mid Morning, Afternoons, Drive and Evenings. 

Setting Up The Parent Rotate Cart

  1. Create a new cart within PlayoutONE by clicking the + from the Media Finder.
  2. Give the cart a UID or choose Auto-ID to get the next available UID in the database.
  3. Give the cart a Title.
  4. Click the Rotate Tab.
  5. Tick the Enable checkbox. This enables the cart as a rotator.
  6. Click on Add UID to Rotate.
  7. In the Media Finder window that will open, select the UIDs you wish to add to the rotator. Then, click Select.
  8. If you wish to apply rules to the rotator then click the Rules box. Rules can be configured so that items belonging to certain Types or Categories are not picked when resolving rotates.
  9. When finished click Save.

Setting Up The Child Carts

  1. Go into each child cart.
  2. Click the Daypart & Run Dates Tab and click the Enable DayParting check box.
  3. We can then draw on the grid where we want the cart to be picked by the Parent Rotate Cart that we setup above.
  4. When finished click Save and repeat on all carts.

In the Media Finder we can then find the Weather Rotate cart. Rotate carts are shown with an R icon next to them.

We can then drag the Weather Rotate cart  straight into the PlayoutONE Pro Log or tell our external music scheduler to schedule the Weather Rotate cart (100876)

Resolving / UnResolving 

We use the term Resolve when a Parent Rotator is turned into a Child Cart. 
We use the term UnResolve when a Child cart is turned back into a Parent Cart. 

Resolving and UnResolving can be achieved by either:

1. Upon Log Import.
When the log imports through Auto Importer you can check the option 'Resolve Rotates'. This setting lives under the 'Other' tab within the Auto Importer profile. This instructs Auto Importer to resolve any Parent Rotators that are scheduled in the Music or Traffic log, at time of import.

2. X Hours Ahead. Within PlayoutONE Settings->Log Tab, you can alter the value of how many hours ahead of schedule rotators are resolved. By default, this setting is set to 2 hours. Therefore, if we are currently in the Midday hour, rotates for 2 pm will be resolved. As we move into the 1 pm hour, the rotates for 3 pm will be resolved. This allows changes made to Parent Rotators to appear quicker in PlayoutONE Pro.

3. Future Hour. If you need to Resolve or Unresolve rotates that appear in a future hour (because you need to Voicetrakc that hour or reference resolved rotates) then you can right-click on the log in PlayoutONE Pro or WebVT and choose, Rotates->Resolve All Rotates for this hour  / Unresolve All Rotate For This Hour

4. Specific Period of Time. If you need to Resolve or Unresolve a specific rotator for a specific period of time then in PlayoutONE Pro right-click on the log and choose Resolve / Unresolve Specific Rotates. This can be very useful if you need to update your rotator with new child carts, but have Option 1 (resolve at the time of log import in Auto Importer) selected. You can Unresolve specific parent rotators for a specific time period. Once unresolved, you can then make the changes to the parent rotator and then use the same option to resolve the rotator for the same time period.

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