Adding sources to Studio Inbox

Studio Inbox does what it says on the tin. It's Aiir's all-in-one communication dashboard for radio presenters.

As of April 2024, we support SMS text messages, emails, social networks, RSS feeds, form submissions and messages sent from Aiir mobile apps.

Managing sources in Studio Inbox is easier than ever. You can manage them all in one place from the 'Sources' page accessed from the top navigation bar or by pressing 'Add or remove sources' on the list of your organisation's available workspaces.

This page will walk you through setting up the various sources you can connect to Studio Inbox:

💬 Social accounts

To add Facebook and Instagram accounts to Studio Inbox for the first time, head to the Sources page and select Social Accounts.

You will need to follow the instructions to authorize your accounts here, and then return to Studio Inbox.

You will then be able to add or edit a column, and select your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

If you have accounts set up for X (previously Twitter) in Aiir, these can be used to post from Social Publisher but unfortunately not to view posts in Studio Inbox due to an API policy change implemented by X.

✉️ Emails

To receive emails in Studio Inbox, start by creating a new source by pressing 'Emails' from the Sources page and pressing 'New Source'.

You will need to give your source a name like 'Studio emails' and input a name to send emails from. This will be shown to any email recipients so enter your station name here. Once filled in, press 'Create and get forwarding address...'

Once created, you will then need to set up email forwarding in your email account, to forward messages to the address provided. Copy and paste it into your station's email system and set up the forwarding rule.

Add a new column and select the new email source, or edit an existing column to include it. You will be able to reply to emails from Studio Inbox.

🛜 RSS feeds

To subscribe to RSS feeds in Studio Inbox, create a new source by pressing 'RSS feeds' from the Sources page and pressing 'Add an RSS feed'.

Then all you need to do is give it an appropriate name, enter a valid feed URL and press 'Create source'.

The feed will then become available to add as a column in Studio Inbox.

📋 Form submissions

If you have a website with Aiir, you can have submissions to a form sent to Studio Inbox.

To do this, click 'Forms' from the Sources page in Studio Inbox and then click 'New Source'.

Next, you need to give your source a name and click 'Create source'; this will be the link between your form and Studio Inbox. You can re-use the same Form source if you want another form's submissions to also flow through to the same place in Studio Inbox.

Add a new column, select the new form source, or edit an existing one to include it.

Next, go to Forms and edit the form you'd like to send to Studio Inbox. You will see an option to 'Post submissions to Studio Inbox'. Select your newly created Form source and save the form.

📱 Mobile app interactions

If your station has a mobile app from Aiir, you can enable audio, picture and text messages to be sent from your mobile app to Studio Inbox. 

To set this up, head to the Mobile Apps section of Aiir, select 'Stations' at the top, select one of your stations, and then select the 'Interactions' tab.

Add each interaction method you'd like to feature in your app and save the page. Repeat this for each of the stations in your app.

Then, return to Studio Inbox, where the stations in your mobile app are now available to add to columns in your workspaces.

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