Setting up Now Playing data in Aiir

Most radio station playout/automation systems can be set up to send information about the song 'now playing' to another service.

If a station sends this data to us, we can display it on a website, in mobile apps, and in Radioplayer.

We store a history of songs played for each station, and this powers the 'Playlist Search' facility we make available for websites to include.

We also attempt to match up each track with cover art from the Apple Music store and purchase links.

Set up your playout/automation system

How the data is sent to us depends on the playout/automation software being used by the radio station.

To get started, go to the Stations app (you'll need to have access to this on your account), find the station in the list and select the 'Now playing' button.

Select 'Set up a system' to be guided through the process. If your system isn't listed, contact us.

What should I do if Now Playing data has stopped updating?

Go to the main menu in Aiir, select  Stations, then next to the affected station tap the "Now Playing" button.

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