Common emails you may receive from Google Play

As part of your developer account membership with Google Play you will occasionally receive emails about events in your account. This document contains the most common emails you are likely to receive, explains what they mean, and what impact (if any) they have on your account with regards to Aiir's services.

Action required: Update your Android targetSdkVersion by [date]

You can safely ignore this message.

This email explains that when we next submit an update for your Android app, we need to target a more recent version of Android.

We'll make this change on your behalf but it only matters when we next submit an update for your app anyway - your existing app should not be affected.

There's no need to forward this email to us or notify us.

Submit your Data Safety form (or similar)

Google are alerting customers about the new Data Safety section they are going to start showing for apps in Google Play.

In February 2022 they will start to show a Data Safety section on app listings, but there is no requirement to have submitted information by then.

In April 2022, all new apps or updates for existing apps will need to have submitted data safety information.

They have not yet announced a deadline for when all existing apps must have submitted data safety information.

We have prepared a set of answers to Google's Data Safety questionnaire that we will start to use for all new app submissions and updates to existing apps.

If you'd like us to submit this information to Google at any other time, or you would like to review our responses, contact us.

The email I've received isn't listed here

As Google Play are an external provider, they regularly make changes to their services without notifying us, so you may have received something new that we've not seen before. Equally it could be a more serious issue with your account. If you do receive a message that you're concerned about, please forward it to where we can assist you.

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