Setting up a new Aiir mobile app

This guide explains the process of setting up a new mobile app with Aiir, including moving an existing app from another provider.

If you're only setting up an iOS or Android app and not both, please disregard instructions relating to the other platform.

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Register for app store developer accounts

Publishing iOS and Android apps requires membership of Apple and Google's respective developer programs.

If your organisation already has its own developer accounts you can skip ahead to the next section.

You'll need register for your own accounts directly and pay the applicable fees.

You must register as an organization rather than a personal developer account, otherwise you cannot invite Aiir to access your account and release apps on your behalf.

Apple and Google both require you to provide your D-U-N-S number — a unique 9-digit number that is used to identify businesses.

iOS - Apple

You need to register with the Apple Developer Program to release an iOS app. Enrolment costs 99 USD per year.

Android - Google Play

You need to register your own Google Play developer account to release an Android app. There is a one-time fee of 25 USD.

Provide Aiir access to your developer accounts

Apple and Google Play both allow you as the account holder to invite other participants to access your accounts too.

You need to invite Aiir to have access so that we can create and update apps on your behalf.

Keep your developer accounts in good standing

Apple and Google may periodically require you to agree to updates to their terms of service.

In the case of Apple, your membership will need to be renewed annually. If you don't renew and pay the fee your apps will be removed from the App Store.

They'll email you in both of these cases. Therefore it's critical that the email address you use for your developer accounts is one that will be checked regularly and that you act on any emails promptly.

You need to keep your accounts in good standing so that we can submit updates to your apps. If we come to submit an update and find there is an outstanding legal agreement or that your membership has expired, we won't be able to maintain your apps. This will slow down the process as we'll need to contact you.

Customise your apps and stations in Aiir

Head to the Mobile Apps section in Aiir, tap Stations at the top and select your station to get started.

This is where you can customise the appearance of your station in the app, enter the stream URL and set up the navigation menu and home screen.

Once you're done there, head back to the list of apps and select your app.

On the first page you need to choose if you're moving an existing app from another provider to Aiir, or if you're starting from scratch with new apps.

For apps moving from other providers, we need to know a few details about the existing apps.

On the following pages you'll be able to add stations, enter details require for the app store, create icon and splash screen images, and generate screenshots.

Guidance is given for how to request permission from Apple for the app to work on CarPlay. This is a requirement for new apps and updating existing apps. We're not able to say how long Apple will take to grant this approval. They have been known to respond within 24 hours, but it could be longer.

You'll also need to register for Google Firebase and create a project there. This is needed for handling analytics and push notifications in your app. There's information on how to set this up on the Policies and Notifications page.

Prepare for submission

The next step after customising your app and stations is to submit your app to our team for review and processing.

Head to the Mobile Apps section of Aiir, select your app and then select 'Review and Submit' from the side menu.

You'll be asked to confirm a few things, including checking you haven't broken any of Apple and Google's rules.

This page checks if anything is incomplete with your app and stations that would prevent us from submitting your app to the stores. If there is, you'll be notified in a yellow box and won't be able to submit the page until you've addressed the issues listed.

Otherwise, you're good to submit the app and we'll be notified you have. We'll contact you if there any issues - otherwise, that's all you need to do, we'll take care of submitting your apps to the stores.

Until we actively start working on your app, you're free to make any changes to your submission. Once we start processing your app you'll no longer be able to do this. You can change things in the Stations section at any time though as changes made here don't require us to re-upload your app.

Submitting to the app stores

When we submit your apps to the stores they'll enter a queue and await Apple and Google's review. This is where they manually check over the app to ensure it meets their guidelines. Your apps won't be available in the stores until they have given their approval.

The process can take anything from between a day to several weeks depending on their workload and if there are any issues or disputes.

We'll let you know if there are any problems and when the process is complete.

Updating apps

If you need to change any of the app store metadata, splash screen, icons, or screenshots, then your apps will need to be re-submitted to the stores.

This is a manual task for our team so we charge an administration fee.

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