Cue Sheet Tab

On the Cue Sheet tab, you can specify the cue sheet for this item. 

A cue sheet is mainly used on long-form pre-recorded programming which contains more than one song in an item. You'd set an item in the cue sheet for each song in the segment. The metadata will then be updated when the song within the segment changes.

Certain long-form pre-recorded programs are supplied by the syndicator with a cue sheet. More information about the cue sheet format accepted by PlayoutONE can be found here. You can also create a cue sheet of your own when you mixdown in PlayoutONE from the scheduled log/playlist. More information on doing so can be found here.

Creating A Cue Sheet

  1. Enter the Title & Artist information in the text boxes. You can click the button within the box to bring up a list of titles/artists in you database.
  2. Enter the start time and length of the song. 
  3. Enter the Album and ISRC information if required.
  4. Click on the Add + button and your entry will be saved within the cue sheet.

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