What Is FileCopy?

FileCopy is an application within the PlayoutONE Suite of programs that can complete a range of tasks. Its primary goal is to download files that can be ingested via Auto Importer into PlayoutONE. Here are some scenarios FileCopy can be used for.

  • Downloading a set of files from an FTP site
    Example: You wish to download each week a syndicated show from an FTP site where there are a number of different parts to the show.
  • Copying a file from a folder on a network drive.
    Example: The news team record a bulletin every hour and save it on the network drive. FileCopy then retrieves this file, renaming it to the correct UID and passes it to Auto Importer for importing into PlayoutONE.
  • Monitoring a folder for new audio files.
    Example: The commercial team save new commercials into a central Commercial folder. FileCopy will monitor this folder and when it sees a new or changed file, it can copy it to Auto Importer for importing into PlayoutONE.
  • Download a file from the Internet.
    Example: Each week the government uploads a new health bulletin onto their website. FileCopy can download that file from the website directly and pass to Auto Importer to import into PlayoutONE.
  • Recording an input on the sound card ready for broadcast later.
    Example: We want to record the hourly news bulletin from a satellite feed plugged into the input of sound card. FileCopy can be setup so that it records the soundcard, and then passes the recording to Auto Importer for automatic import into PlayoutONE for playback at a later time.
  • Keeping two folders in sync with each other
    Example: We want to ensure we have a complete backup of our audio files in another location. FileCopy will monitor the source folder and copy any changes over to the designated backup folder on a set schedule.
  • Uploading a file to an FTP folder
    Example: We want to provide a listen again service for our website. FileCopy can grab the latest audio recording from LiveStream and upload it via FTP to the website.
  • Sending a command to PlayoutONE on a schedule.
    Example: We need to trigger our audio switcher to change the satellite feed before we record it in FileCopy. FileCopy can tell PlayoutONE to action this command so that when we come to record the sound card input, it's already been switched over.

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