Source Tab - FTP Download

Source FTP should be chosen when you wish to download single or multiple files from an external FTP server.

Server The FTP Server to connect to
Port The FTP port to connect to. By default, this is usually 21 or 22 if secure
Secure When checked, FileCopy will use the SFTP protocol to connect to the FTP Server. 
Passive This setting is usually needed if you are sat behind a Firewall. If you get a connection error then try checking this.
Delete Files When checked, any file downloaded from the FTP Server will be deleted. Enable with caution!
Username The username of the FTP Server to login with.
Password The password of the FTP user to login with
Folder The FTP folder where the file / files you wish to download reside. For example: /httpdocs/www/temp/news bulletins
Single / Multiple Files Select to download a single file or multiple files.
File / Select Files With Single File selected, you will see a text box to enter the filename. With Multiple Files selected, you can click to add Multiple Files
Date Add See Date Add


If having trouble connecting to your FTP, test your details within FileZilla first to make sure the server is available and credentials are correct.

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