Server Details


This is the name of the encoder so you can identify it on the main screen.

Server Type

LiveStream can connect to IceCast 1 & 2, ShoutCast v1 and ShoutCast v2 servers. You set your server type here.

Server Hostname or IP

The DNS name or IP address of your streaming server.

Top Tip: If you leave this blank LiveStream will act as it's own streaming endpoint which you can connect to using software like VLC.


This is the port you have been assigned for this streaming server endpoint.

SID / Mount Name

If you have chosen a ShoutCast server in Server Type then this will be labelled SID. If you choose IceCast it will say Mount Name. This is where you enter that associated setting.


The username for your streaming server. Most servers do not require this and can usually be left blank.


This is the password for your SID / Mount Name.

Bitrate (kbps)

The bitrate you want this encoder to stream at.

Sample Rate

The sample rate you want this encoder to stream at.


If you wish to stream in mono or stereo.

Encode Type

The codec you want to stream this encoder as. Available codecs are MP3, AAC, AAC+, OGG and OPUS.

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