Command Matrix

The Command Matrix allows you to map incoming commands from external services to PlayoutONE.

Adding a Command

Enabled / Disabled Required: Enables or Disables this particular command
Description Required: Meaningful Description. For example, 'Play Legal ID'
Group Optional: The Group the command belongs to. See Selective Mode
Stations Required: The PlayoutONE Station the command should be actioned on 
PC Required: The Data Controller PC that the command will be actioned on
Incoming Command Service Required: Where the incoming command is coming from
Incoming Command Required: The command from the service to watch for
Outgoing Command Type Required: Choose an already built command in PlayoutONE (Predefined).
Build your own PlayoutONE command (Command)
or choose Passthrough (See Passthrough)
Outgoing Command The Outgoing Command
Settings Settings for the command include the ability to set an alarm for if the command isn't received after a set period of time.
DayPart Choose to only action this command based on the Daypart grid.

Command Passthrough

Command Passthrough allows you to take an incoming command and pass it back out again. To set this up you need to follow the steps below

  • For commands that are static and never change, simply change the command type in step 4 above to Passthrough.
  • For commands that have dynamic content within them (Such as Now Playing Text) format the command as follows:

    - Set the incoming command to be PASSTHROUGH

    - Format the command sent to Data Controller as follows:

    For example, PASSTHROUGH|COM-A|Now Playing.. Rolling Stone - Satisfaction, will send Now Playing.. Rolling Stones - Satisfaction to the COM-A port.
  • Add &CMD= to the command to ignore the service.

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