Hook Next

This feature is only available in PlayoutONE Pro.

PlayoutONE allows you to play the hooks of the next specified type of items on the log.

For this, you need to ensure you have hooks set on the track(s) that will be used. To do this, follow the guide on editing audio.

Setting up a Hook Next

To create a Hook Next, right-click on the log and choose 'Insert' then 'HookNext'.

When you open this screen, you will be asked to fill in the following options:

Description Required?
Number of Items The number of items you would like PlayoutONE to use when playing the hooks. For example: Choosing a value of 3 would play three items
Type The type you would like PlayoutONE to play the hooks for. This is useful in case you have jingles between your songs; simply set this to 'Song', and then only song hooks would play.

Choose from:

Items in order: This will play the next specified number of items in the order in which they are in the log.
Items in reverse order: This will play the next specified amount of items but in the reverse order of which they are in the log.
Items in random order: This will pick the specified amount of items in a random order from the upcoming hour.
Top UID The UID that will be played at the start of the hook sequence
Bridge UID The UID that will be played between the hooks of each track
Alt Bridge UID If this is specified, the bridges will alternate between this UID (and the UID set in the option above) after the hook of each track
Tail UID This is the UID that will be played at the end of the hook sequence

Saving a HookNext as a command

To save specifying these settings every time, you can easily save it as a pre-defined command; simply choose the 'Save as Command' option on the Hook Next creation screen.

You can then specify a name for the command, which can be called later. See this article on commands for further information

In the Thresholds tab of PlayoutONE's Settings panel, you can control which items are considered to be used with the Hook Next command by altering the value of 'Only Hook Items With Hooks That Are Less Than X Seconds'

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