Version 5

v5.0 July 2023
New All applications have been rebranded under the Aiir brand.
New Template builder does not unschedule locked hours.
New FileCopy can download to .zip files and extract the contents.
New All PlayoutONE applications now run from a new 'Modules' folder.
New Auto Importer has the option to choose casing options for Artist and Title.
New Auto Importer can now insert a Snippet into the log upon successful import of an item.
New The Media Editor has been completely redesigned from the group up and now includes a basic audio editor.
New The Segue Editor had been completely redesigned from the ground up and now includes envelope points.
New The Segue Editor in WebVT has been completely redesigned from the ground up and includes envelope points.
New WebVT can now record 'Custom Voicetracks' for synchronised stations.
New WebVT has a delete item button for the media finder.
New A new command has been added called "Adjust Timing Markers" which allows Hit and Soft markers to be dynamically altered based on the content after them for perfect back timing. 
New Auto Importer has the option to pad new UIDs with zeros.
New The On Air Dashboard now shows a status icon for if the file is playing from the server or the local hard drive. 
New Data Controller now supports the SAS Console API Interface.
New Data Controller now supports TCP and UDP send and receive.
New 'FindNearestToNow' command can specify a date and time to sync to.
New 'PlayNextCue!' command will now sync to the first CueMark in the hour.
New Template Builder now has the option to append a template an hour after log import.
New PlayoutONE has a new module called xLog for Sports and Outside event broadcasts.
New PlayoutONE now has a separate audio engine that can run multiple radio stations from one piece of hardware.
New When using vCreative, you can specify whether to Auto Extro the items or use the extro in the metadata.
New Prevent specific categories from syncing with Music Master.
New Monitor will now email when an Application fault clears.
New Data Controller can now trigger a reverse pulse GPIO/
New Auto Importer can mark an item as Split when it imports.
New Option to exclude UIDs and UID ranges from the Missing Copy Report.
New The Media Editor has a new Artwork Field for reference only.
New  Monitor has new integration for Xperi DTS Autostage .
New  Auto Importer has an option to 'Delete Audio First' when importing audio. This can help with locked files. 
New  Monitor can now talk directly to Serial devices for Meta data.
New  The Media Editor has a new 'Preview Extro' option. 
New  You can now resolve and unresolve Rotators from WebVT.
New  You can now specify to Stretch/Fill commercial breaks if Traffic has been scheduled in the breaks. 
New  Training databases have now had all restrictions removed. A beep will now play when playing audio instead. 
New  Various other little improvements
Fix Mixdown would not respect envelopes in the new segue editor.
Fix Sorting Items in Music Master Replace Category window blanked all items.
Fix Quick Keys would sometimes act strangely when deleting a quickset.
Fix Quick Key page colour override would not work in some instances.
Fix Mixdown crashed PlayoutONE when the VU Meters were showing.
Fix Homing the log didn't commit in some circumstances.
Fix Monitor would not license if no internet connectivity was present on startup.
Fix Auto Importer would not read the year field from FLAC files.
Fix 'Go To Current Hour' in the calendar took you to the UTC Hour, not the Local Hour.
Fix The Gap time on the bottom of the log would only sometimes be updated.
Fix Snippets would only sometimes resolve properly.
Fix When in Isolation mode, Time & Temp commands would not work.
Fix When scrolling the list of jobs in FileCopy you would get snapped back to the top of the list was longer than ten items.
Fix Greek Characters would not display properly in Missing Copy Report.
Fix Monitor could get stuck recycling old audio files which would cause the maintenance place to be incomplete.
Fix FileCopy would produce an 'Index out of bounds' error when running jobs dayparted to just Sunday.
Fix Various other minor fixes relating to new modules.

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