Getting started with Aiir

Welcome to Aiir! 👋

We hope you enjoy using our content management platform. It's one of a kind! We built it from scratch and continue to improve it every day. We want it to be simple yet powerful. We've done this by creating a consistent experience throughout. You'll notice that once you've used one or two sections, you can pick up the rest easily!

From the main menu, you can access each section of Aiir, which we refer to as 'apps'. The apps you see will depend on the package your company has purchased, and whether an administrator has limited your account.

If there's something you're not sure about and you can't find the answer here, contact us using the button in the bottom right corner.

Getting Started

If you're setting up a new website in Aiir for the first time, here's a quick overview of what you'll need to do.
🔑   Add your team
Will any other members of your team need access? If so, head to  Admin to invite your colleagues. More...
⚙️   Set up the basics
You'll want to go to  Site Settings and enter a few basic details. Check over the first few sections, including  Images and Icons where you can upload your logo, and  Analytics Code where you can drop in Google Analytics tracking code. More...
✏️  Select a theme and customise your website
Check out  Template Builder - it's where you can select a theme for your website, and get to pick things like colours, fonts and other essential details. You can also set up the content for your website's homepage and side columns. More...
📄  Create pages
Page Manager is where you can start building the structure for your website and content for pages. More...
📻  Create your station
Head to  Stations where you can enter your station's details. This is necessary before you can set up programmes, the schedule and a player.
🎙  Add programmes and the station schedule
So your website can show who is on air, you'll need to add your programmes to your schedule in the  Programme Information app. More...
🔈  Set up a player
Will you be using Aiir's  PlayerRadioplayer, or  a third-party player? You'll need to set up one of them, then ensure your preference is selected on your  station.
🎵  Send your 'now playing' information to us
If you'd like the tracks you've played to appear on your website or app, you'll need to configure your playout (AKA automation) system to send this information to us. In the  Stations app, tap "Now Playing" next to your station and then select your system to get more information. You can also then enter your  Apple affiliate ID if you'd like to have links to purchase tracks. More...
📱  Prepare your mobile apps
If you've purchased iOS and/or Android apps from us, you'll need to set a few things up. The  Mobile Apps section of this support website guides you through the process, from registering for developer accounts to customising the apps themselves. More...
🔐  Secure your website
Before you make your website live, you'll need to set up HTTPS. Everything you need to know is in the  HTTPS section of Site Settings.
🚨  Make your website live
To put your website live, you will need to have access to your domain name's control panel and the DNS section. We'll walk you through the process in the  Domain and HTTPS section of Site Settings. More...

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