Main Screen

The Monitor main screen gives you a quick overview of the status of your Radio Station.

This means out of all of the checks that Monitor has performed, no issues have been found.
Problems X 
This means that out of all of the checks that Monitor has performed, 1 or more of them have come back with a problem.
Maintenance Mode 
When Maintenance Mode is active, alert emails are paused.

Application Status

Shows the status of the Applications Monitor is set to Monitor. Green means that the application is running. Red means the application is not running or that there was a problem. If the application shows as black, then it's not being actively monitored.  

Station Status

Displays the number of stations within the installation and the status of each station

Station The name of the Station
Status The current status of the Station
Program Logs
When Program Logs have been scheduled up until.
Traffic Logs
When Traffic Logs have been scheduled up until (only in PlayoutONE Pro)
Now Playing
The current Playing item

Tool Bar

Main Settings
Displays Main Settings for Monitor
Station Settings
Displays Station Settings for the station highlighted in the Station Status grid. 
This can also be accessed by double-clicking on the station in the status grid.
Show Log
Shows the Monitor debug log
Run Ignition
Starts the Ignition process.
Maintenance Puts Monitor in Maintenance Mode.

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