What is Data Controller?

Data Controller is part of the PlayoutONE suite of programs and acts as a translator between PlayoutONE and external systems like:

Serial / COM port devices

Data Controller can translate incoming RS232 commands from switches, satellite receivers and relay boxes and trigger specific functions within PlayoutONE. For example, triggering legal IDs or commercials based on a command coming from a switcher.


Data Controller has its own inbuilt TCP server so it can receive any TCP command from any device. These TCP commands can then be mapped to PlayoutONE-specific commands. For example, receiving a trigger from a silence detector to make PlayoutONE play the next item.


Data Controller can talk to Axia Nodes so that GPIO triggers can be sent and received. For example, pressing a button on the Axia console can trigger PlayoutONE to play the next item.


Data Controller can talk to any Wheatstone Blade and react to incoming SLIO and LIO events. For example, a quick key in PlayoutONE can be configured to turn on a specific channel within a Wheatstone Blade.


Data Controller can listen and set GPIOs on the AudioScience range of sound cards that support this feature. For example, when GPIO1 is triggered on the ASI soundcard, PlayoutONE can play a specific quick key.

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